• · The meanings of the sign
    1The M, which located at the bottom of the sign is the capital letter of "Ming" in pinyin mingtai and it looks like aluminum ingots.
    2M is embedded with the alpha of tai, which is T. T looks like a hammer, and was put on the letter M, which looks like aluminum ingots, symbolizing the industry engaged in is about aluminum processing.
    3Overall upper round looks like the rising sun, symbolizing there must be a brilliant tomorrow for mingtai in aluminum processing
    · Mingtai’s Spirits
    The enterprise spirits of Henan Mingtai Al. Industrial Corp., Ltd. is “solidarity, struggle, practical-minded, and innovation”.
    · Operation Philosophy
    Adhere to integrity and honesty, seek development through perfect product quality.
    · Mingtai's Vision
    Take a lead in China's aluminum processing industry.